NTN SearchLine is committed to maintaining the privacy of the healthcare professionals registered with us. We will not release your name to any third party other than the NTN advertisers who currently have job listings on the system that match your criteria. If you do not wish for your name to be released even to these advertisers whose jobs match your specifications, please select the appropriate option in the privacy policy on the candidate registration form.

Please note that the ability to conduct online candidate searches and to contact candidates directly are primary features of the NTN SearchLine system, which attract new advertisers with new job listings. While we certainly respect the privacy of our candidates, we definitely encourage you to take full advantage of the NTN SearchLine and agree to release your name to our job advertisers.


1. We do not release information to any outside organization.
2. We do not sell our registration list.
3. All informaiton is sent via the use of secure forms using encrypted formats.
4. These files are stored on secured servers and credit card information is destroyed after it is processed.


We want to assure our users that no information concerning Internet navigation or personal information is collected from the NTN SearchLine website. For additional questions please call 800-300-9903.